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I was thrilled to be able to play a role in creating the print visual for the latest McDonald’s campaign, focused on Canadian farmers.

The idea of missing ingredients and floating layers of food was technically challenging but really cool – so, right in my wheelhouse!

 We had to come up with ways to physically keep each layer of food in the air, so a lot of armature wire and clear plexi glass was used in the process.

 The shoot took place in Montreal, where the agency, Tribal DDB, had set up the shoot for the broadcast portion of the campaign. That meant we got to pool resources and use the same food stylist and creative team for both components.

The food stylist, Noah Witenoff, at www.nustyiling.com was fantastic to work with. It was a pleasure to watch him style the Big Mac and the other classic McDonald’s items. He nailed it every time he made it.

 The AD, Benjamin Playford, and his group of Tribal DDB creative team including Chris Webden, had double duty of going back and forth sets between my stills set and the broadcast set. But thanks to the Tribal DDB team, it went incredibly smoothly!

 This campaign was really fun to work on. Not only did I get to venture outside my studio to shoot, seeing my shots running on billboards, bus shelters and in McDonald’s restaurants around the city is incredibly rewarding, especially because I love the way it came out.

 Thanks everyone who worked and helped bring this campaign to life!

Agency: Tribal DDB Toronto

Art Director: Benjamin Playford

Production : Westside Studio

Producer : Phaedra Kennedy

Food Stylist : Noah Witenoff






Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 1.17.10 AM





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