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It’s such a great feeling and honour seeing your own work everywhere in the city that you love and live in. Actually, I take that back. I saw these Michelob advertising in Montreal  so it should be plural for cities. Anyway, it’s very exciting to work on projects that you get to see on large billboards or Transit shelter. The truth of the matter is that seeing your work in any form is humbling and rewarding.

When Naeem and Victor at Draft FCB Toronto approached me about creating a concept ad for Michelob beer, I was super excited. We get to do a beer ad that’s not just a product shot? Whaaaaa?

I love taking a beauty shot of the beer bottle, which I can do in motion as well now. However, adding a concept to a beer campaign is even better. It makes it fun.

I particularly like the concept that Naeem and his team came up with. I work out so I can drink beer. There, I said it. You should too ! Join the club.

The shots came out great. They look clean, colourful and simple. We used the bright and soft lighting to bring out details of the luxury products and still made them looking glossy and premium. Going with a white back ground was a great choice by Naeem. It set the tone for a crisp and clean look from the start.

We had some great help from a stylist, Joelle Lit, who drove around the entire city looking for the perfect shoes and other items we photographed. She must have brought me at least 100 pairs of shoes to choose from. It was like having your own shoe store in the studio.

Thanks everyone who worked on this project. Last but not least, big thanks to my Westside crews, Phaedra ( producer ) and Caitlin ( director of sales ) for their support.






Client: Michelob Beer, Labatt Canada
Photographer: Shanghoon
Creative Team: Naeem Walji, Victor Carvalho
Agency : Draft FCB Toronto Canada
Prop stylist : Joelle Lit, Judy Inc
Production : Westside studio
Producer : Phaedra Kennedy
Agent : Caitlin Jeffery
Assistants : Jeff Jamerson, Hassan Mohamed

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