Molson Canadian Tangerine – ThrowBack

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Tangerine is one of my favourite fruits, so I was super excited to shoot a beer with a tangerine Twist ! I shot this project in late 2013, but the product only had a short life after its first release in 2014. I recently realized I’d never shared the photo, so I’m bringing it back! It was a fun project working with Vince, who’s worked on so many different beer print ads/commercials that I nicknamed him the Beer AD boss. Adding liquid swirls and splashes was a ton of fun. When you work with liquid, you never know what you’re going to get. It’s a process of trial and error, and it’s very satisfying when it comes together. Hope you enjoy the image. I still find it Re~freshing !




Photography                          Shanghoon

Agency                                    Rethink Canada

Art Director                           Vince Tassone

Agency Producer                  Narine Artinian

Client                                      MolsonCoors

Production                            Westside Studio

Cameo                                   Mandu the Akita dog ( He was a puppy then.. )






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