Polysporin Motion + Stills : Stop Animation Spot and Still Image Campaign

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I was happy to get the opportunity to work with Dan Bache, a good friend and amazing art director, on a campaign for Polysporin. We focused on the motion piece in December, finished the print piece in January, and it’s now appearing across Canada where I recently spotted it in Canadian Living!

Part of the prep for this job involved scouring the city for the perfect cutting board which, in the end, I found right next door to Westside Studio. Thank you to Gibson Greenwood for the beautiful custom boards, and to Franc Madden for roughing them up. And thanks to Sarah Sweeney for her mad produce-cutting skills.

Last but not least, I also want to thank stop motion animator Philip Eddolls for his patience and expertise on this project – I hope he’s as pleased with the final product as I am.

  • Art Director: Dan Bache at JWT Toronto
  • Photographer/Director : Shanghoon
  • Stop motion Animator/Compositor/Technical Director : Phillip Eddolls
  • Food Stylist : Sarah Sweeney
  • Prop Maker : Franc Madden
  • Assistant : Abe Roberto
  • Production : Westside studio
  • Producer : Phaedra Kennedy
  • Editing : Alter Ego

Polysporin Commercial from shanghoon on Vimeo.



Polysporin Magazine 1 Polysporin Magazine 2

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